Step 3: In future a godlike-artificial-intellect will re-create you, based on your mind-records…

Right now we are very far away from understanding the human mind. No one knows how this small – less than 2 kg device, is capable on such a complex activity as thinking, exploring the Universe, inventing planes and painting Mona Lisa. So perceive your mind as a “black box”.

This is a concept of analyzing used in science and mostly in computers and IT.

So imagine you have a box that is containing 3 integer numbers. This is your consciousness. For instance my 3 numbers are 2, 5, 0. This is the box called “Dobri”. Yours are 7, 6, 4. And so on. Depending on these numbers we are different people. Anyway if there appears another person with 2, 5, 0, then it is a second Me.

But we don’t know the numbers. Can then “Dobri” be recreated?


Imagine Dobri is outputting different numbers that are result of some calculation, based on initial numbers. For instance I am outputting the sum of my numbers – 7. Then I am outputting the difference between 2 higher numbers – 3. Then I am outputting the product of 3 numbers – 0. Then the product of any combination of 2 numbers – 2×0=0, 5×0=0, 2×5=10. And so on. So finally we will have a sheet with 20 or 30 numbers, that are product of initial 3 numbers with different operations. By combining all this data and logically analyzing it, we will be able to find the initial numbers. And then – create a copy of this “black box”.

Let’s do the analysis. We have the product of 3 numbers that is 0. Therefore at least one of the numbers is 0. We have the first number. Then we have that the product of one of the combinations of 2 numbers is 10. Obviously these means that we have 2 numbers that are not 0. And finally, the only multiplication of 2 integer numbers that gives as a result 10 is 2 and 5. In fact we even did not use the entire outputted by Dobri data.

In fact it will be much more complex. Much more output results will have to be analyzed. And much more initial variables will have to be discovered. But the idea is as today we can create and record enormous quantity of “brain product”, so in future this record will be enough for a reverse engineering of our mind…

This is only a short fast-read presentation. You can see the full Selfie Immortality concept here: THE SELFIE PHILOSOPHY (Q&A)